Kuroyama Tools APK


Kuroyama Tools though free resources are less to enjoy, still the players of Mobile Legends can access a few. It is the popularity of this action game that newer tools are in our approach regularly. Also, the developers are competent enough to create more efficient apps than the last ones. Similarly, Kuroyama Tools VIP is an exclusive product to break the security of MLBB.

Kuroyama Tools is the last place in the fight of ML. In comparison to the old-fashioned tools, it aims at the rank-boosting features that you crave. It not only improves your grade but degrades the winning position of your competitors too. For instance, the very first feature is Rank Booster. If you inject this cheat, your avatar will be more dangerous & destructive for others.

Kuroyama Tools is free Thirdly, Enemy Noob is quite interesting for you. It is professional in decaying all the signs of progress made by your frontiers. You can easily deceive novice players by activating this feature. Next, Kuroyama Tools Enemy Lag worsens the conditions for other players competing with you. They feel a delay in the game and get lost instantly.

Kuroyama Tools, more importantly, Bypass ML cheat hides your account & IP address from the game securities. After this, you can do apply any to operate the ML according to your will. Kuroyama Tools is important to save the gaming account.

Features of Kuroyama Tools:

  • Kuroyama Tools is Rank Booster
  • My Team Pro
  • Enemy Lag
  • Anti-cheater
  • Damage Up 50%
  • Bypass Detect ML
  • Bypass Anti-banned
  • Auto Winstreak
  • Enemy Noob
  • Brawl, Classic, Magic Chess, Ranked
  • Warrior, Elita, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, Mythic.

Additional qualities of Kuroyama Tools:

  1. Kuroyama Tools is Free of cost.
  2. Easy to use on all Android phones.
  3. Simple & straightforward with smooth UI.
  4. Light-weight in size.
  5. Compatible for the newest ML version.
  6. Anti-ban & password protected.

How to download & use it?

  • Kuroyama Tools needs permissions to access your SD card as it saves stuff on your device.
  • Allow the permissions.
  • Then, select a from the single page menu, and inject it.
  • First, tap the download link, and wait until the download completes.
  • Second, install the tool and put the password.
  • PASSWORD: moba21
  • Now, open the MLBB from the very last option, and play the game.
  • Finally, you feel different as compared to the previous.


Kuroyama Tools APK is a super-fast & target-achieving tool. Even, it is different from normal apps for MLBB. In short, we urge you to use it at least once. Then, rate it on your experience basis.

Additional Information:

UPLOAD: Dec 31,2021

UPDATE: Dec 31,2021




DEVELOPER: Epic Gaming