Fix All Bug ML Review:

 Fix All Bug ML: Whenever the Moonton updates MLBB, the users experience bugs in it. They may be for certain heroes, drone cameras, lobby, or even for the ML maps. You have to opt for a different strategy to resolve a specific bug problem. Though, you can report a bug through the “Bug Reports” in the game. Yet, it doesn’t work sometimes. It might be due to the use of mod apps by your competitors. Resultantly, you can’t play the game fluently. Thus, you have to sort out this issue in any case.


For this, one way is the utilization of  Fix All Bug ML free of cost. Since there are different bugs that only the novice players face, therefore they get disheartened by the game. If you are one of those, then don’t worry. The most suitable solution is in your approach. Now, let sum up all the features of this little app.

Benefits of Using the Fix All Bug ML:

  • ML Bug Fix weighs a few hundred KBs.
  • Fix all bugs in Mobile Legends in no time, e.g., Stuck Loading Screen.
  • Also, resolve any unknown errors.
  • Get its benefits with just a single click.
  • No charges at all.
  • The developer is well-reputed since he has given sturdy tools.
  • Have a better experience with faster gameplay.
  • No ads, complications, or passwords, etc.
  • Optimized & fixed game than ever.

How to Fix Mobile Legends Black screen, Stuckscreen & Reconnect Bug Using All  Fix All Bug ML?

  • First of all, download the original APK file free from present inside the download link on this page.
  • And install it as you do for third-party apps.
  • Then, open the installed app.
  • It will analyze and check the bugs present in your gameplay.
  • Also, it needs access to Photos, Media, and other files on your device. So, allow it.
  • After this, you can see the menu, which consists of only one feature, i.e., Fix Bug for 32Bit/64Bit.
  • Finally, click the “FIX” button and nothing else. You will see results in less than a second.
  • Open the Mobile Legends to play. If you see some updates, upgrade it first and then play it.


You can get rid of the bugs related to the black or stuck screen in MLBB. Moreover, you don’t have to adopt a complicated process for it. Instead, you have an unblended way indeed. Do you have an effective tool to fix bugs in your ML game? If not, then  Fix All Bug ML is the need of this time. Hence, download this newest app from us. For more fantastic & fab apps/tools, visit our website.

Additional information:

UPLOADED: July 25,2021

CATEGORY: Apps, Tools


DEVELOPER: Lansord Nix