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Kawaii Injector has entered the market, and today, we review the most advanced & recently introduced version of this historic injector for Mobile Legends. Now, it is entirely changed & improved since the day when we got its very first version. You get ML skins, drone view, kawaii fixer, analog controller, battle effects, along with upcoming stuff. Moreover, it’s not a usual app, and many of you may not have heard about it before. To know more about it, keep reading.

Secondly, Kawaii Injector fixes different errors, like the pink hero, tower, health bar, and other issues. After setting all bugs, you feel smoothness & fastness while playing the MLBB. On the third number, custom script injection is allowed to you from a specific source. Although, it’s not a part of this tool.

 Kawaii Injector ML will bring themes, a loading screen, and more battle effects shortly. Since the developer updates all the material regularly, therefore we are hopeful for some desired items. Now, all the cheats listed below will make it more clear & valuable app. Just click & injection method makes it more attractive. Similarly, it manages an ultra-graphics map for high-quality settings. Better lighting, realistic shadows, and other refinements are at hand for high-end devices.

Features of Kawaii Injector:

  • Kawaii Injector does not require root permissions.
  • Usable with an accurate password
  • No subscription charges at all.
  • Battle emotes with sounds & without sounds.
  • Themes, custom maps, images for the loading screen, and battle effects coming soon.
  • Free & modern injector for ML.
  • About section describes all the versions in detail.
  • Skins for many ML characters.
  • Kawai fixer to remove all the bugs.
  • Custom script injector.
  • Drone view of three kinds with a backup option.
  • Optimization patches & configurations.
  • Custom Joysticks & Analog controller.
  • Recall effects.

What’s New in the latest version?

  • 6, new anime & custom skins added.
  • 9, new & upcoming skins added.
  • UI size becomes smaller.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Kawaii Injector is the first condition. Each new version brings our demanded material, so be ready for the next perfection in the future. Moreover, you must remember, a separate password is available on the YouTube channel for every version. That’s over.

Additional Information:


Update: 02'02'2021


DEVELOPER: Sakura Yui Ch.


PRICE:  Free