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JA Sensei apk


 JA Sensei Indeed, language learning is a healthy activity for the human brain. Thus, most people try to learn different languages as per requirements. Today, we have a good source of Japanese learning on Android devices. The application is JA Sensei, and it’s unlocking all the stuff. If you don’t have enough time to join online classes, this remote method is very suitable. 

 Therefore, millions of tourists, students visit this beautiful & dynamic country every year. But they face problems when they aren’t familiar even with initial Japanese words. No doubt, it’s a difficult language, yet, you must have know-how about it for a successful journey in this country. One can join physical or online classes for a short course. Yet, it is impossible for busy folks.

 JA Sensei, they can utilize  Premium for ease. JA Sensei provides the Japanese language step by step. For this purpose, Kana & Kanji are two prime portions in learning a complex writing system. Kana describes syllable sounds, while Kanji explains the meaning of the words in another language. Select an easy, medium, or hard level with time. Pronunciation of each Kana gives you mistake-free & good fluency.

Features of JA Sensei:

  • JA Sensei Learn Kana, Hiragana, Katakana & Kanji from A to Z.
  • Japanese lessons with detailed & comprehensive material.
  • Radicals have different choices.
  • 2500 vocabulary words to enhance fluency.
  • Aural Comprehension improves listening skills.
  • 113 Grammar sheets correct all the mistakes.
  • 45 counters provide a native counting system.
  • 60 particles give the names of daily usage material.
  • Japanese 1800 verbs & adjectives.
  • Learn writing & oral numbers to count.
  • More

Extra Features of Ja Sensei Full Version:

  • JA Sensei is free of cost.
  • User-friendly Android application with great UI.
  • Well-managed content in categories.
  • Easiest & right method to learn Japanese.
  • Use it anywhere in the world.
  • All premium features unlock.

How to download & use It?

  • Ja Sensei First, click the download link and wait a few seconds.
  • You can select a category of your choice.
  • Resultantly, you will learn Japanese progressively.
  • Locate it in the downloaded files and then install it.
  • Also, enable the Unknown Sources in the device settings to avoid any interruption.
  • Now, open and see what it offers readily.
  • The UI is in English to make it simple.


Since all parts of the world own separate languages, therefore we should be ready for it. Otherwise, one may face many issues if they don’t know how to speak. In this regard, if you ever visit Japan for any purpose, use JA Sensei APK to acquire skills in this language. This Android app will help you everywhere, i.e., hospitals, travels, and restaurants, etc.

Additional Information

UPDATED: 02, 18, 2021 


VERSION: v5.4.1