I-Moba Bangmamet Injector APK latest v3.9 Free For android

                       I-Moba Bangmamet Injector comes with newly added features.

I-Moba Bangmamet Injector Review:

I-Moba Bangmamet Injector comes with newly added features. you have Skins of avatars, a perfect Drone view, unlimited Effect Battle. Also, Battle emote, Analog, ML Background, Border, and Custom Map. you will be surprised after using it once. We can name it an all-in-one app for MLBB.

The first thing on the most menu is Drone View. It claims that the offered drone view maybe a hundred percent working and classic, and it applies to all or any graphics. So, it’s an A1 characteristic. The subsequent enjoyable thing is that the availability of countless outfits for Fighter, Tank, Assassin, Marksman, Mage, and Support.

Subsequently, the third option is that the Effect Battle in I-Moba Bangmamet. during this part, an ML player will see multiple Effect Recall, Respawn, Elimination, and Battle Notifications. Tap on each category and luxuriate in your required features at no cost. Lastly, the fourth category is More Menu, during which Battle Emote, Menu Analog, ML Background, Custom Intro ML, Border MLBB, and Custom Map are present. However, emote, analog, and border are going to be usable within the near future.

Features of I-Moba Bangmamet injector:

Effect Battle:

  • Effect Recall: 30+ recalls, like 2019 M1 Glory, Blazing West, Carp Wind, etc.
  • Battle Notifications: 6 notifications, for example, Crystal, Shinto, etc.
  • Effect Respawn: 10 Spawns, including Super Descent, Halloween, MCL, etc.
More Menu:

    • This section has a big stock of the following items.
    • Battle Emote: Coming soon
    • Menu Analog: Coming soon
    • Background ML: The Baddest, Megumin Konosuba
    • Custom Intro ML: You can select out of 8, like ML Evos, ML One, and others.
    • Border MLBB: Coming soon
    • Custom Map: High Graphic Celestial Palace

    What’s new in I-Moba Bangmamet Injector?

    • New Skin Vale Elite
    • Skin Rafaela S18
    • New 6 Skin Collector; Badang, Jawhead, Yes, Granger, Khufra, Pharma
    • Fix all bugs
    • New interface
    • Much more.


    First, uninstall the old version of the application from your device and then install the newest version of New I Moba which you can download from our site for free. I hope you will not face any problem while installing all liker apps, download of the app is very simple as you know.


    If you are addicted to the Mobile Legends, the most played MOBA in this day and age, use I Moba Bangmamet APK only once. Doubtlessly, you’ll break all the previous records while playing with the expert gamers. This app is a candid injector for MLBB that offers all the facilities on the spot. It is available for all Android users without the expenditure of any money. Even its security system is strong enough to hide your identity from gaming officials.

    The information these apps;

    UPLOAD: Nov 22,2021

    UPDATE: Nov 22 ,2021


    VERSION: v3.9 part 49

    DEVELOPER: Bangmamet

    FILE SIZE: 10.7MB

    PRICE: Free


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