NC Injector APK Latest V11 Free Download For Android

NC Injector APK


NC Injector tools are far better than inserting codes or scripts to modify an online battle game like Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Free Fire, PUBG, and others. Having a novel application always gives you dominance over the frontiers. NC Injector is also an unusual app that provides all the items of the MLBB at no cost. ML Skins, Effect Battle, and Background are at hand to facilitate you in the fight. It’s an updated tool with a 100% anti-ban system and very similar to Gaming Tegal.

We will unseal this brand new injector explaining it from all aspects. Also, you can avail of it free of charge to get the mastery of your loved game. Since it’s not common among the players, therefore, you would not have heard about it. And this is the only place to get its functional link. Now, let analyze it deeply to know its value and status.

Cheats of NC Injector:

All the available cheats are in 3 principal categories; you can open each one to see what’s present inside it.


Skins decide the power & skills of a hero, and NC Injector ML offers unlimited costumes for your ML heroes for different levels. If you start purchasing these outfits, it will charge a high amount. But you can get early access to all those using this elegant injector.

  • Mage
  • Marksman
  • Assassin
  • Fighter
  • Support
  • Tank


Attractive backgrounds in all places increase the attention of the players many times. Thus, NC Inject MLBB has also covered this corner.

  • Loading Screen: Sarah Violet, Not Not, Fate, etc.
  • Map Magic Chess: Empire, Necrokeep, Sharingan.
  • Map Custom: Six distinctive maps to play at separate places.
  • Drone View: 3X2, 3X4, 4X5.

So, you have seen all the unlocked features of this stunning injector, and you can experience it without breaking the bank. If you want to understand it thoroughly, then you have to utilize it once. We assure you it will never feel you down against pro players.

Features of NC Injector:

  • NC Injector Fix error skin.
  • Full effect all skin.
  • Anti-banned 100%.
  • File backup option for each modification
  • Password protected APK file.
  • Available for all Android devices compatible with the latest MLBB update.
  • Completely free from any charges.
  • Quite easy to navigate.

NC Injector Password:

To open the application, it requires a password, and without it, you can’t open this MLBB Injector. But the latest version is fully unlocked and no need for a password, so just install the APK and enjoy the benefits without using any password.


NC Injector APK is suitable & a good thing from all points as it contains the most pricey & unique features for the Mobile Legends. You can enjoy your fight in a new & original way. So, download the latest version before it becomes a usual app among the fans.

Information about NC Injector;


UPDATE: 24,01,2021