Download True Liker 

You can make these changes by going to your setting of the profile.
Comment, like and share the picture and status you updated on Facebook. 

I am sure that all other apps are also best for their services and features, but true like apk is getting appreciation from the users for the service available in the app.

It will ask you to put ID and password, do not worry, this application is not going to save your password or steal your data.
One for getting auto Likes, second for getting auto comments and third for getting auto shares.
The link has already been given, tap the download button and get the file. If the link is not working or showing some error, comment down in the section.
The app is totally free and scanned by can install it on your phone without facing trouble.
free download links below, so you will need to just follow it if you want to download latest APK of True liker.

Free Download True Liker APK

Comes with high-quality functions.
Takes a little bit time during download. 
Also free available for download.
You can install it on all over Android OS. 
The app will never spam your account. 
The app using real users to get likes. 
The app is compatible with Android mobiles and tablets. 
The APK file is small and never use heavy space on your mobile phone. 
The app is never effected your mobile speed. 
The app has been tested by the user online. 
The app will increase massive likes for your activities. 
You can use your photos, videos, and updates to get likes. 
The app is user-friendly with the simple process.